Window Cleaning

Nothing is worse than spending all afternoon cleaning your home only to plop down on the couch, look out the window and see Windex Swirls, hand prints and dried up rain dirt on the glass. Our team does Residential, Commercial and Government Low Rise Window Cleaning amazingly! We are experts at getting rid of all kinds of crud on the glass. From bird droppings and dirt accumulation to post construction residue and graffiti, our team is highly trained and experienced with all kinds of window cleaning. 


Condo Unit Window Cleaning

It's got to be frustrating to know you part of your monthly maintenance fees goes to window cleaning and only your building's common areas are cleaned an not your individual unit's windows, balcony railings, and glass doors. Then when you hire a maid service they say they do not do windows or if they do its a horrible job. Rest assured call Tiger Building Services and an expert will come by and make the most visible part of your condo look amazing!

Commercial Window Cleaning

We started out cleaning commercial storefronts and coffee shops. It is our bread and butter. We service major brands like Tim Horton's, Wendy's, McDonalds, Husky's, Shopper's Drug Mart, Canadian Tire, and Cineplex on a Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly basis. If you have got a new store location that needs to have a regular window cleaning crew set up give us a call!

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Have you just finished a major renovation on your home or business? Are the windows covered in dirt, dust, paint splatter, drywall debris and weld sparks? We have completed HUNDREDS of post construction jobs to get the windows up to snuff for the next phase of the project. Give us a call!


Graffiti Removal

All art is beautiful and valuable. But when a tagger covers your exterior walls, windows or bathroom tiles in their "unrequested art" it looses it value pretty quickly. Call in the team at Tiger Building Services to come in and we can get the graffiti removed immediately. We have been commissioned on hundreds of projects to remove all kinds of graffiti from bridges, windows, bricks, cement, stucco and every other kind of surface you can think of. 

Eaves (Gutter)  Cleaning

Far too often Home and Business owners wait until there is a problem before they remember to get their gutters cleaned. Unfortunately this is like waiting for a heart attack to happen before you decide to eat healthy and try to lower your cholesterol. We are experts when it comes to clearing out blockages and make light repairs to eaves troughs, gutters, downspouts and roof line drainage systems. Your eaves should be cleared out at least twice a year so if you are  


Pressure Washing

Grease, Engine Oil, Mold, Mildew, Gum, Graffiti, Bodily Fluids, Dust, Dirt, Grime; you name it we can remove it. The experts at Tiger Building Services have the tools to power wash the ground around, the roof on top and the sides of your building. We have experience with every kind of surface (wood, tiles, asphalt, cement, rubber etc.) you name it we’ve seen it and cleaned it!


Emergency Services

Sometimes there are unexpected reasons for things to get cleaned up in a jiffy. We offer Emergency Services so rest assured if you have a Building or Health Inspection quickly approaching call us today. We can be in and out with the precision of a NAVY Seal Team!


High Dusting

Commercial spaces tend to get every part of their buildings cleaned on a regular basis expect for the high “hard-to-reach” spots like vents, duct work, open webbed steel joists, basketball backboard systems, ceiling fans, stage lights etc.

The team at Tiger Building Services is skilled in removing dust, dirt and allergens that collect on those spots before they cause an inconvenience and drop down on an unsuspecting patron. We work fast, we work safe, and we get the job done right the first time. Give us a call to get a quote!